We need a united Europe. The key to unlocking a positive new vision is rethinking the EU budget to make it work for citizens. We want to believe in a brighter future, where Europe is reconnected to its people and values.

We need to rethink where the money goes in order to build an economy that is more equal and sustainable. An economy based on well-being.

Households and communities deserve better access to EU funding to benefit from things like the clean energy transformation, and access to health care. We need fresh, innovative and engaging approaches to involve citizens, communities and workers in the spending of EU funds to build healthier cities and resilient communities in a society founded on European values. We need a budget that does more to create stable low carbon jobs, and empower young people. And we need an EU budget that is more forward looking – prioritising the building of community based economies that can reduce inequalities, improve social inclusion, inspire meaningful lives at the same time as reducing emissions on the path to 2050. A progressive Europe must care for all its citizens, including those that the “jobs, growth and competitiveness” story has left behind.

We are a coalition of NGOs and civil society actors representing citizens across Europe. We recognise that the EU budget is a mirror of the European project. Thinking creatively about the next EU budget cycle can help advance a 6th scenario for the future of Europe and address many of the real problems facing the Union. We have developed a set of sustainability principles to ensure the coherence of the future EU budget and to help implement the Sustainable Development Goals. We are developing our policy demands, and calling on the European institutions and national governments to open the debate to civil society. We are working to ensure that the next EU Budget is a Budget for the People.

How do we make a #Peoplesbudget?

What we want

Involving people, strengthening European values, preventing wasteful spending, and more.

Our key asks

Who we are

A wide range of civil society actors representing the interests of people and nature in Europe.

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Stories of inclusive and sustainable development that improves well-being in Europe.

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Documents that offer more details for our vision for a People’s Budget.

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